A Look Back at Katalyst’s Biggest Achievements of 2023

What a year! Join us as we reflect on some of Katalyst’s achievements in 2023.

As we enter 2024 with enthusiasm and determination, let's rewind the tape on some major accomplishments that happened in 2023. Like everyone, our small but mighty team at Katalyst experienced highs and lows, victories and setbacks, lessons learned and milestones celebrated. From winning awards to smashing Katalyst records and launching new features, this blog post is your front-row seat to the highlight reel of our unforgettable year! 

Spoiler alert: one of our key moments includes launching our biggest sale yet, which is happening now until January 5!

A look back at Katalyst’s 2023 achievements

Join us on a journey through some of the standout moments that defined Katalyst’s 2023.

Awards that continue to motivate us

TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023. We’re still buzzing from being recognized in TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023! In October, TIME highlighted Katalyst, stating: “Plenty of people, from athletes to those with busy lives or past injuries, would like the benefits of a two-hour workout in just 20 minutes without excess strain on their joints. That’s the promise of Katalyst’s four-piece bodysuit, the only FDA-­approved consumer device to use full-body electrical muscle stimulation or e-stim. When you use Katalyst for a strength session, strategically placed pads gently zap your muscles with electricity, which founder and CEO Bjoern Woltermann says activates double the number of muscle fibers that standard training does. Sessions, he says, will leave you tired.”

Athletech News: The Most Innovative Fitness and Wellness Companies of 2023. We’re honored to have earned a spot on Athletech’s “The Most Innovative Fitness and Wellness Companies of 2023” for bringing EMS training into the home. In this article, Athletech recognized Katalyst by stating: “Katalyst deserves a round of applause for breaking through as the first and only company approved by the FDA to produce full-body electro muscle stimulation (EMS) suits for at-home use.”

Stellar endorsements from celebrities

Courtney Cox. Here’s what Courtney Cox had to say about working out with Katalyst: "I never stream fitness classes, but I bought this product called Katalyst, an electric stimulation suit that you put on. It definitely had my muscles sore. It feels like you’re buzzing, like a jolt, but not uncomfortable. It’s just like, Oh, that’s working. Oh, that’s tightening my muscles," she said. Check out her full statement here.

Rob Lowe. Lowe’s fitness training tool of choice? Katalyst! “I use Katalyst twice a week for 20 minutes. It works you so hard that your muscles take that long to recover. I love it because, in 20 minutes, it gives you the equivalent of a two-hour workout at the gym,” he said. Read his full statement here.

Minutes our members spent in the Katalyst Suit

In 2023, our members collectively spent a remarkable 1.18 million minutes exercising in the Katalyst Suit, setting a new record!

11 podcasts featuring our founder and CEO, Bjoern Woltermann

In 2023, our founder and CEO, Bjoern Woltermann, engaged in 11 insightful podcast discussions covering various topics including the history of EMS, optimizing golf performance, and exploring the future of fitness with EMS. Check out the complete list of podcasts below:

We launched exciting innovations

At Katalyst, our dedication to enhancing the member experience is evident through continuous efforts to stay at the forefront of our members' needs and incorporating new features. 

In 2023, we introduced our revamped website that provides both existing and potential members with everything there is to know about electro-muscle stimulation training and beyond. 

Moreover, we rolled out iPhone and Apple Watch Integration, which enables our members to effortlessly control their impulse intensity, keep tabs on their heart rate, and easily manage their workout with features like play or pause directly from their wrist.

We also introduced an all-new Workout Search Function in our app, allowing our members to effortlessly locate their favorite workouts by simply typing the title into the search bar.

Our biggest sale yet is happening now!

Kickstart your 2024 workout routine with $700 off Katalyst. This is our biggest deal yet and ends January 5. So run, don’t walk to to start your EMS journey today!