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"Katalyst changed my outlook on exercise, letting me balance life while building muscle and staying lean without harming my surgically repaired shoulder. As a physician, I recommend Katalyst to others. Nothing else compares."

W. Michael Bullock Profile Photo
W. Michael BullockMD, PhD, Duke University Site Director, Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology

"After 4 weeks of using Katalyst I hit 117 mph with the driver, which I have not seen since my 40’s (I am 57). I really believe I have reversed my aging here; so grateful for this product and how it has improved my own golf game and with my athlete clients."

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Shawn ClementPGA Tour Coach, Golf Channel Academy Instructor, Dr. of Development, Royal Québec Golf Academy

"Muscle mass is one of the most critical things I can have for healthy aging and longevity. Katalyst is really efficient and the future of maintaining physiological stimulation and working out. I love the product."

Peter H. Diamandis Profile Photo
Peter H. DiamandisMD, Entrepreneur & Technologist, Founder of XPRIZE and Singularity University
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Shawn Clement
PGA Tour Coach
Goal: Explosive power
After 4 weeks, I hit 117 MPH with Driver, which I have not seen since my 40’s. I stand more strongly over the shot and feel I can stay with my shot without falling out of posture.
Shawn's Story
CEO of Pramana Labs
Goal: Range of Motion
I feel stronger than I felt in a long time. Without even lifting traditional weight in months, I feel just as strong. I feel more focused. I feel less sore. It's really done incredible things for my golf game.
Corey's Story
Marine & Father
Goal: Maintain Performance
One of the things that really worked really well for me last year while I was deployed, was Katalyst. Once you get in the suit for the first time, you’ll understand why the advantages and benefits come from it.
Jared's Story
Director & Mother
Goal: Improve Stability
I had a hip injury. I started using Katalyst, and when I did that, it was like I was waking up those little muscles that I couldn’t reach. It’s restored the stability and balance to my legs. I can run again, and do the things I enjoy without the pain that I was experiencing before.
Katy's Story
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