Suit up for a new era in fitness with Katalyst's personalized EMS technology. Experience efficient, impact-free workouts that will unleash your full strength potential.

The Suit
Engineered for Results
A groundbreaking fitness companion, meticulously crafted for top-tier fitness performance and custom fit to you.
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Top Tier Fitness Performance with the Katalyst Suit
Top Tier Fitness Performance with the Katalyst Suit
Precise muscle targeting with 36 integrated electrode pads, made to create precise and comprehensive stimulation during your workouts.
Performance Materials
Lightweight, durable, hygienic
More than just workout gear; it's engineered for results. Crafted from high-performance, hygienic materials, every element is designed with care to withstand your toughest workouts.
Custom Katalyst Suit to fit you based on the measurements you provide us.
Personalized Fit
Your measurements, your Suit
Based on the measurements you provide us, we select the right Suit size for you. Offering a wide range of sizes with multiple adjustable straps, we promise a personalized fit made specifically for you.
Personalized Sizing
FDA-Cleared for Consumer Use
Machine Washable
Amplified Fitness
Personalized to You
Katalyst makes EMS easy with customizable impulse intensity, muscle targeting, hands-free workouts, and more. We'll guide you through the entire process, so all you need to do is show up.
The Katalyst App is your ultimate fitness hub, providing personalized workouts, tracking your achievements, and optimizing your intensity levels.
Compatible with iPhone® and iPad® running iOS 15 or later.
The App
Automated intensities, guided for you
Customize your workouts, monitor your progress, and fine-tune intensity levels to match your fitness objectives. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to EMS training, our App effortlessly adjusts muscle targeting to your needs.
Apple AirPlay® Enabled
The Katalyst Impulse pack is your translator and power source.
The Impulse Pack
EMS precision in your pocket
Our Impulse Pack is your translator and power source. This compact device communicates wirelessly with the App, ensuring that each impulse is perfectly timed and customized to your workout. It even fits snugly in your Suit pocket, offering maximum freedom of movement.
The Katalyst Suit delivers impulses to precisely target muscle groups.
The Suit
Dynamic muscle targeting
The 26 integrated electrode pads across the shorts, vest, and arm straps are strategically mapped to all your major muscle groups. Allowing for a hands-free, no-weights-needed, full-body workout.
The Katalyst Impulse pack is your translator and power source.
Apple TV Compatible
A fully immersive experience
Maximize your experience by connecting to your Apple TV during your workout. With your session projected onto the big screen, you’ll receive an in-home trainer workout like never before.
The Katalyst Suit delivers impulses to precisely target muscle groups.
Apple Watch Connectivity
Control from your wrist
Exercise with ease using your Apple Watch. Control your intensity, monitor your heart rate, and easily manage your workout with features like play or pause.
Easy Pairing With The App
8+ Workouts Per Charge
Download For On-The-Go
Guided Training
Your Fitness Companion
Our commitment to innovation extends beyond hardware. The Katalyst App adapts and evolves with you throughout every phase of your fitness journey.
Access a timeless collection of on-demand sessions guided by elite EMS instructors. Whether it's core training or sport-focused routines, the Katalyst App ensures a wide variety of workouts to keep your enthusiasm high and drive intact.
Weekly on-demand workouts
Unlock an evergreen library of on-demand workouts led by world-class EMS trainers. From core strength to sports-specific workouts, we offer a diverse range of sessions to keep you engaged and motivated.
Four Training Modes
Whether you're aiming to build muscle, increase power, improve cardiovascular health, or aid recovery, we got you covered.

Your FitnessYour Way

Fresh workouts
Selective muscle targeting
In workout adjustments
Personalized workouts
Progress tracking

Your FitnessYour Way

WHAT'S INCLUDEDKatalyst Training System

Everything you need to get started.

Vest, Shorts, Arm Straps
Impulse Pack + Travel Case
Base Layer x 2
WHAT'S INCLUDEDUnlock Your EMS Fitness Journey

Every Katalyst purchase comes with the essentials you need to get started.

Vest, Shorts, Arm Straps
Impulse Pack + Travel Case
Base Layer x 2
Spray Bottle
USB Charging Cable