Study Shows How EMS Could Promote Bone Density in Healthy Adults

Learn how EMS can boost bone density from a study by the Frontiers in Physiology.

Study Title: Regular Muscle Electrical Stimulation Could Act Favorably On Bone Mineral Density in Healthy Aged Subjects

Publication: Frontiers in Physiology

Authors: Thierry Paillard

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This study discusses the effects of aging on bone tissue and the potential use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to promote bone health in older adults. As people age, the activity of cells responsible for bone resorption exceeds that of cells responsible for bone formation, leading to a decrease in bone mineral density and changes in bone structure. Regular physical exercise can help mitigate the effects of bone demineralization, but very old individuals may have limitations that prevent them from engaging in conventional exercise programs. 

The study proposes NMES as an intervention to enhance bone mineral density in older adults. NMES involves applying electrical stimulation to muscles to induce muscle contractions without requiring physical effort. Some studies have shown the potential benefits of NMES on bone mineral density, particularly when combined with voluntary muscle contractions or high-frequency and high-intensity currents. The study suggests that NMES may stimulate osteoblasts and promote bone formation.

“NMES sessions regularly repeated could favor bone formation.”