4 Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Katalyst Suit’s Longevity

From gentle washing practices, thoughtful storage, and smart travel tips, ensure your Katalyst Suit's longevity.

Washing Your Suit
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Traveling With Your Suit

Now that you've taken your Katalyst Suit for a few spins, you're likely curious about the best way to maintain it. Besides, this isn't just any Suit–it's an electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) Suit designed for a lifetime of exercise. So, let's ensure you keep it in top-notch condition! 

Ashley Springstroh, Katalyst’s Apparel Design and Development Manager and the maestro of all things Katalyst Suit, teamed up with us to offer guidance on proper Suit maintenance for long-term usage. Let’s dive in.

4 Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Katalyst Suit’s Longevity

From gentle washing practices, thoughtful storage, and smart travel tips, ensuring your Suit's longevity is a breeze.

1. Pamper and wash your Suit

To keep your Suit feeling like a million bucks, give it a gentle hand wash with cold water and mild detergent. You can do a machine wash but don't overdo it–too much spin might eventually reduce the efficacy of the Suit. 

If you do use a washing machine, keep the temperature at or below 30°C/80°F. Keep it safe in a mesh laundry bag for that extra touch of care and say no to tumble drying, dry cleaning, and bleaching.

When it's time to dry, just let it air-dry and resist the urge to toss it into the dryer. Heat and your Suit? Not the best pair.

2. To hang or fold your Suit after a workout?

Show your Suit some TLC after every workout! Keep the vest and shorts connected, and hang them on a hanger until they're dry. Once they've dried off, you can keep them on the hanger or tuck them away somewhere safe until your next session.

As for the arm pads, let them air-dry by either draping them over a hanger or securing them to the vest with the Velcro®.

For your Impulse Pack, here's the drill: unplug it from the Suit and place it back into the case provided. You can wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth if needed.

3. Pop out of your Suit like a pro

To smoothly get out of your Suit after your workout, Ashley offers these tips: First, loosen all the straps on the shorts and vest. Once they are sufficiently loose, unbuckle the shorts and unzip the vest. By loosening the straps before removal, you'll have the Suit ready to go for your next workout hassle-free!

4. Travel smarter, not harder

When packing your Suit for travel, rest easy knowing you can easily fold it into a compact size that fits into a checked bag or carry-on. You can bend and fold the Suit like any other clothing; its flexible materials guarantee a hassle-free packing experience. 

More importantly, the Impulse Pack contains a lithium battery and is a carry-on affair–keep it with you on board. And, of course, never forget your base layers–they're an essential piece of your exercise ensemble!

From us, at Katalyst

Maintaining your Katalyst Suit for a lifetime of optimal performance is as crucial as the workouts it enhances. Partnering with Ashley, the expert behind our Suit's design and development, we bring you game-changing tips for its care. These will ensure your Suit will remain your reliable companion on your fitness journey for years to come.