Learn How Key Parts of the Katalyst EMS Suit Work

A deep dive into how three key parts of the Katalyst Suit work to deliver a full-body workout.

Electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) training is ushering in a new era of working out by redefining how we engage our muscles for maximum efficiency. Enter Katalyst, the EMS Suit engineered to deliver optimal results. In this article, you’ll learn the functionality of three key components of the Katalyst Suit and how they collectively provide a full-body workout experience.

3 key parts of the Katalyst Suit

There are multiple key components in our Suit, but this article will cover three: the electrode pads, arm connectors, and Impulse Pack.

How water powers the electrode pads 

The 26 integrated electrode pads across the shorts, vest, and arm straps are strategically mapped to all your major muscle groups. Before you start your workout, you need to wet all the pads with water so the Suit can use it as a conductor for the electrical impulses it sends to your body. 

“The electrode pads are made up of conductive material, meaning they can allow electricity to flow easily, ” explains Harsh Jain, director of hardware and engineering at Katalyst. “In our Suit, the pads do not contact the skin directly. Instead, they contact the base layer worn by the user, and the base layer makes contact with the skin. Since the base layer’s material is non-conductive, the water from the pads moistens the base layer, enabling the electrical impulse to travel from the pads to the base layer and then to the skin.”

How the arm connectors send the impulse from vest to arm straps

The arm connectors consist of cables with snap connectors that connect to the vest and are designed to transfer the impulses effectively. In the Suit, embedded wiring in the vest carries impulses from the Impulse Pack's pogo pin connector to the electrode pads. However, as the arm straps are separate, the arm connectors act as external cables, completing the electrical connection from the vest to the arm strap electrode pads. 

“When the arm connectors are attached to both the vest and arm straps, they establish a seamless path for impulses to flow from the Impulse Pack through the embedded vest wiring, to the arm connectors, and into the arm strap pads,” says Jain.

The Impulse Pack's key role in muscle stimulation

The Impulse Pack serves as the source for generating all impulses essential for muscle stimulation. This compact device communicates via Bluetooth with the Katalyst App, ensuring that each impulse is perfectly timed and customized to your workout. 

“The Impulse Pack sends the impulses to various muscle groups through the pogo pin connector and embedded wiring,” says Jain. “It also communicates constantly with the Katalyst App on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to know what intensities of impulses should be generated for each muscle group.”

How the Impulse Pack powers your muscles

Muscle contractions happen when the brain signals the skeletal muscles through the central nervous system. Unlike internal organs and cardiac muscles, skeletal muscles are voluntary and need a trigger, like a brain signal, to activate.

The Impulse Pack sends a low-frequency impulse through the electrode pad to the skin and muscle. This impulse replicates the brain signal, leading to a highly efficient muscle contraction. The muscle can’t distinguish between signals sent from the brain and those from external electrodes, it simply responds with a contraction.

From us, at Katalyst

Each component of the Katalyst Suit, including the electrode pads, arm connectors, and the Impulse Pack, contributes to a seamless and targeted experience. The use of water as a conductor enhances the transmission of electrical impulses, promoting comfort and reducing resistance during workouts. The arm connectors play a crucial role in optimizing the functionality of the Suit, ensuring effective impulse delivery to specific muscle groups. Meanwhile, the Impulse Pack serves as the core source of impulses, mimicking natural brain signals and stimulating muscles efficiently.

Our EMS Suit, with its innovative design and technology, not only revolutionizes workouts but also provides a comprehensive and controlled fitness experience.