Elevate Your Katalyst Workouts Now With Apple Watch Connectivity

Learn what Apple Watch connectivity means for your Katalyst workouts and hear insights from our head trainer on how it will benefit you.

Get pumped! At Katalyst, we are committed to continually improving your workout experience. That's why we're thrilled to introduce Apple Watch connectivity to make your sessions even more seamless. With this integration, you can now effortlessly control your impulse intensity, keep tabs on your heart rate, and easily manage your workout with features like play or pause directly from your wrist.* 

Keep reading to learn more about what Apple Watch connectivity means for your Katalyst workouts and hear insights from Max Graeber, Katalyst’s Head Trainer, on how these features will redefine your fitness experience.

Which Katalyst App features can I use on my Apple Watch?

You can control your intensity, monitor your heart rate, and easily manage your workout with features like play or pause.

1. Real-time Intensity Control

With the integration of Apple Watch connectivity, you can now take charge of your Katalyst session like never before. Adjust the impulse intensity of your workout in real-time, all from the convenience of your wrist. 

"Integrating the Apple Watch into my Katalyst workout has made my experience so much more convenient and less stressful since I’m able to adjust my workout intensity more often if I need to,” says Graeber. "The convenience of having the 'control' right on my wrist helps me make faster decisions as well as adjustments during my workout and the '4 on, 4 off' second cadence.”

Whether you want to push yourself a little harder or ease up during certain exercises, the power is literally at your fingertips.

2. Heart Rate Monitoring Made Easy

Your Apple Watch joins Katalyst as your personalized fitness companion. Monitor your heart rate effortlessly throughout your session, ensuring that you stay within your target zone for optimal results.

"The biggest benefit of seeing your heart rate on your Apple Watch during your Katalyst workout is that you can control the impulse intensity based on your goal and fitness level," says Graeber. "For example, in Cardio mode, I keep the intensity at a certain level so I can stay at a 70% heart rate for my training day." 

This personalized approach, combining body awareness and heart rate monitoring, provides a great indicator of members' performance, allowing for precise adjustments during the workout.

Graeber also highlights the versatility of heart rate monitoring, saying, "Heart rate monitoring is also great for Recovery mode because you can see how good or bad your recovery is on a given day." In other words, you can track how fast your heart drops back to your normal heart rate after your workout. This is an indication of your fitness level and how "fast" you recover.

“If your heart rate is still significantly higher the day after an exhausting workout, this tells you that you need to rest to get back to your point of origin of an effective workout,” Graeber explains.

3. Seamless Play and Pause Management

Tired of fumbling with your iPhone or iPad mid-session? Now you don't have to. The Apple Watch connectivity allows you to manage your Katalyst workout seamlessly. Play or pause your session with a simple tap on your wrist, eliminating distractions and keeping you focused on your fitness goals.

"If you have to pause the session, it’s a lot quicker and more convenient,” says Graeber. “Look at the Apple Watch as a TV remote. Instead of having to walk to the TV and adjust the volume, you can adjust from your wrist." 

From us, at Katalyst

At Katalyst, we believe that technology should work for you, especially when it comes to your fitness journey. The integration of Apple Watch connectivity to Katalyst workouts is a game-changer, providing you with even more unparalleled control and insight during your sessions. 

To get started, simply update the Katalyst App on your iPhone. It's time to sync up, strap on your Apple Watch, and let Katalyst redefine the way you train!

*To use the Katalyst App on your Apple Watch, you need to have the Katalyst App downloaded on your iPhone.