Podcast: Breaking the Cycle: Revolutionizing Body Exercise after 3000 Years

We set the tone for what the EMS training is all about and what potential it has for every golfer out there, amateur or professional.

Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Katalyst founder and CEO, Bjoern Woltermann, joins hosts Shawn Clement, Director of Golf at Wisdom in Golf (WIG), Munashe Masawi, Head Kinesiologist at WIG and former collegiate football player, and Savannah Meyer-Clement, Director of Marketing at WIG, on their podcast Golf’s Perfect Imperfections

During the episode, the four discuss the benefits of using the Katalyst EMS Suit to exercise efficiently and effectively. They dive into the history of Katalyst and what EMS training entails. You’ll also hear feedback from the Wisdom in Golf Team on their first-time experience with the Katalyst Suit and the results they achieved. Bjoern explains the types of people who can benefit from the Katalyst experience, and we learn about the Suit's ability to stabilize muscle imbalances and improve cardiovascular fitness. 

The podcast explores how Katalyst can help individuals achieve mal-discomfort for multiple health benefits and increase EMS while maintaining clean movements. Additionally, you’ll hear feedback from others who used the Suit and discuss its potential for aging individuals and professionals in static positions. 

Bjoern shares insight into training parameters and the differences between strength and power stimulation versus cardio. The episode concludes with a discussion on the future development of Katalyst for golfers and wraps up at the 1 hour and 9-minute mark.