Find Out Why Bradley Cooper is a Passionate Katalyst Advocate

Listen to Bradley Cooper on Armchair Expert as he reveals his fitness secret: Katalyst! Hear how our EMS Suit transformed his routine.

In a recent episode of Dax Shepard's podcast, Armchair Expert, Bradley Cooper opened up about his fitness routine, shedding light on a game-changing element: the Katalyst Suit. Cooper, known for his dedication to physical transformation for roles, shared his enthusiasm for Katalyst’s innovative workout method.

Describing his home gym setup, Cooper mentioned his Peloton bike, however, the real star of his fitness regimen is the Katalyst Suit, which he discovered four years ago. Delivering a stimulating 20-minute workout, Cooper emphasized how he's become a fervent advocate for Katalyst saying “I’ve turned so many of my friends onto it.”

The conversation steered toward Cooper's intense physical preparation for roles like in the movie, Sniper (seen in the image above). Recalling the challenges he faced with sore tendons and the need to match his arms to his back strength, Cooper highlighted the effectiveness of the Katalyst Suit in addressing these concerns today. 

“You're sweating and it’s hard. The great thing is I just focus on my lower back and glutes because again, as we get older, that's really the only thing that matters,” he said. Despite focusing primarily on his lower back and glutes, he stressed the Suit's versatility and its ability to provide a comprehensive workout experience. 

Cooper's endorsement of the Katalyst Suit underscores its significance in his fitness journey and its role in helping him achieve his physical goals. As he navigates the demands of his career and the inevitable changes that come with aging, the Katalyst Suit remains a cornerstone of his fitness routine, proving its value in maintaining strength and vitality.

Listen to the full podcast here.