A Beginner Guide to Katalyst Workouts (Plus The Science Behind EMS Exercise)

Discover the science behind electro muscle stimulation (EMS) exercise and get beginner tips on how to get started with Katalyst.

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In the ever-evolving world of fitness, there's a revolutionary approach that's been making waves – electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) exercises. Here at Katalyst, we’ve been at the forefront of harnessing the potential of EMS to transform workouts and deliver impressive results. In this article, we'll touch on: 

  1. Some of the science behind EMS exercises.
  2. A beginner guide to Katalyst workouts.
  3. Tips on getting started with Katalyst.

What Is The Science Behind EMS Exercise?

Before we dive into the world of EMS workouts with Katalyst, let's understand the science behind this innovative fitness approach. EMS involves the use of electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions. During a typical EMS session, electrodes placed strategically on the body send electrical signals to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax. These contractions mimic the natural muscle movements that occur during conventional workouts but at a higher intensity and with more precision. To learn more about EMS technology, check out our Science page.

A Beginner Guide to Katalyst EMS Workouts

If you're new to Katalyst, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our App features a dedicated section called 'Intro' designed specifically for newcomers. These workouts provide a gentle and straightforward introduction to EMS workouts, making it the perfect starting point for your Katalyst journey.

"In the Katalyst App, you have a horizontal section called 'Intro,’” explains Max Graeber, Head Trainer at Katalyst. “So if you are new to fitness and EMS, those workouts are a good, more simple way to start your journey."

Choose Level 1 for introduction workouts for beginners

Choosing the right level. 

"In general, we have workouts for every goal and fitness level,” says Graeber. “For Levels 1-5, they are not describing the intensity increase throughout the workout, it is telling you the complexity of the exercises in that specific workout.”

In other words, Katalyst offers a range of workouts to cater to various fitness goals and levels. The levels, from 1 to 5, don't necessarily indicate intensity but rather the complexity of the exercises. Level 1 workouts are ideal for beginners as they provide a simple yet effective introduction to EMS exercises.

The impulse is your resistance. 

One of the exciting aspects of Katalyst EMS workouts is that you won't be lifting weights or using external resistance. Instead, the electrical impulses generated by the Impulse Pack act as your resistance. This not only minimizes the risk of injury but also delivers an efficient and targeted workout.

Post-workout recommendations for optimal results. 

"After a strength or power mode workout, we recommend adding a cardio workout, 5-10-20 min, right after if you have some energy left and want to reach your goals faster,” says Graeber. “Or a recovery session, 5-20 min, to loosen up some muscle tension and improve the blood flow to flush out some lactate acids after an intense strength or power session.”

To maximize your fitness gains, consider incorporating a cardio-mode workout or recovery session after your strength or power-mode EMS workout. Cardio sessions help you burn additional calories and boost your cardiovascular health, while recovery sessions aid in muscle relaxation and blood flow improvement, helping you recover faster after intense sessions.

4 Tips for Katalyst Beginners

Katalyst offers a beginner-friendly approach to EMS workouts that can help you kickstart your journey to a healthier, fitter you. Let's dive into tips for beginners, guided by insights from Graeber.

1. Hydration. 

"We highly recommend hydration before a Full Body EMS workout since water is a conductor and makes the workout more efficient and helps to perform better," says Graeber.

Before you even step into your Katalyst Suit, it's essential to stay hydrated. Hydration plays a crucial role in making your EMS workout more efficient. 

2. Stretching.

"Stretching can be always recommended, but with EMS training, you are working against your own two muscle chains (front and back) that's why stretching is such a big deal for conventional fitness or sports because we are getting out of balance pretty quickly," Graeber explains.

Unlike traditional workouts, EMS training with Katalyst focuses on engaging both your front and back muscle chains simultaneously. This unique approach means that stretching, which is essential in conventional fitness, is approached differently in EMS. Katalyst helps you work against imbalances over time, so don't be surprised if you find stretching recommendations to be less prominent in your EMS routine.

Wet the pads to ensure efficient connectivity.

3. Wetting the pads on your Suit.

The electrode pads are integrated into the Suit and are mapped to all your major muscle groups. Wetting the pads thoroughly before each use is essential to getting the best connectivity for your workout. Plus, it only takes about 8 minutes or less, that's quicker than tossing your gym bag in the car and hitting the road!

Fasten straps upwards starting from bottom to the top.

4. Suit up properly.

To make the most of your Katalyst session, it's essential to follow the "How to Suit Up Tips!" video in the Katalyst App for a proper fit and to optimize the conductivity of the EMS suit.

“Loosen every strap of the Suit after each session to guarantee you follow the steps correctly every time you jump back into the Suit,” says Graeber. “Start with the lowest side straps of the vest and work your way up. Finish with the shoulder straps so that the vest sits as low as possible for a better fit of the chest.”

A Word From Katalyst

In the dynamic world of fitness, EMS exercises are a game-changer, offering a highly effective and efficient way to achieve your fitness goals and improve sports performance. With Katalyst, you have a supportive and innovative partner on your fitness journey, guiding you through the exciting realm of EMS with our workouts. So, Suit up, hydrate, and embrace the future of fitness with Katalyst.