How Katalyst’s EMS Suit Has Amped Up Savannah Meyer-Clement's Golf Game

Hear about professional golfer Savannah Meyer-Clement’s experience with Katalyst’s electro-muscle stimulation Suit and how it has significantly improved her golf performance.

Savannah's Enhanced Performance
Discovering Katalyst

In pursuing athletic excellence, athletes always seek new training methods to enhance their performance and gain a competitive edge. Among the array of choices, Katalyst stands out as a top-tier option in the training realm, offering professional and recreational golfers the means to elevate their game and do it faster, safer, and more effectively than ever before using electro-muscle stimulation (EMS)

Below, professional golfer and World Long Drive professional Savannah Meyer-Clement shares her experience with Katalyst, discussing what drew her to it and how it has enhanced her performance since becoming an avid member and advocate.

How Katalyst Has Enhanced Savannah’s Golf Performance

Since incorporating Katalyst into her training routine, Savannah has witnessed tangible improvements in her performance. "My body feels much more in balance now since the Suit targets both sides of the body the same way and simultaneously," she said. 

Such balance can significantly impact golf, where asymmetrical training can lead to imbalances and potential injury risks.

However, Katalyst's impact goes beyond muscle recruitment and balance for Savannah. Maintaining stamina over a full round of golf, both physically and mentally, is a significant challenge.

“A full round of golf walking is very taxing physically and mentally, and working out in the Suit builds up resilience and stamina in the body, making it much easier to sustain higher levels of energy throughout the round,” she said.

Savannah also credits Katalyst for expanding her range of motion and increasing her club head speeds, thanks to the recruitment of her fast-twitch muscles.

“I was able to reach new benchmarks of 118 mph club head speed and 164 mph ball speeds, which I never thought I would get to,” she said.

Discovering the Game-Changing Effects of Katalyst

At the 2023 PGA show, Savannah discovered Katalyst and immediately recognized its potential for revolutionizing her training and recovery. "The moment I put on the Suit, I knew it was something special, like having access to a gold mine of possibilities," she said.

Drawing from her experience with EMS in physiotherapy sessions during her soccer career, Savannah appreciated the comprehensive coverage provided by Katalyst's full-body Suit. Recognizing the importance of balanced muscle development, she embraced the Suit's ability to address the tendency for golfers to overtrain one side of their body, thereby optimizing her training regimen.

Savannah’s Go-To Katalyst Workouts for Success

While Savannah appreciates the versatility of Katalyst's Strength, Power, and Cardio modes, her current focus lies in the Recovery sessions. 

“Before my first competition this year, I tried the “5-minute Finding Freedom” and the “5-minute Release & Relax,” and wow! I was blown away at how impactful a simple 5-minute recovery in the Suit can be,” she said. 

These recovery sessions have profoundly impacted her mindset before an event and helped her build a solid mental foundation.

“It’s a mini-meditation that is useful because it’s guided, but you also get the benefits of physical recovery,” she said.

Addressing Katalyst’s golf-specific sessions, Savannah finds the Power workouts particularly beneficial because they target the recruitment of fast-twitch muscles, which play a crucial role in generating power for the golf swing. 

In the Katalyst app, you can find sessions called “Full Body Golf Strength,” “Strength For Golf,” “Rotational Golf Strength,” and more that focus on activating those core muscles essential for a powerful swing, enhancing your stability, balance, and overall strength.

Need more? Katalyst also offers a specialized golf training program, which you can follow here.

Savannah’s Continued Commitment to Excellence

Savannah has been working out with Katalyst for over a year and incorporates it into her routine at least once weekly. She even brings it along when traveling to ensure she can access her training regimen on the road. This consistency has had significant mental and physical benefits for her. 

“I have seen growth in my mind and body connection as well as more solid stability in my core,” she said.