Study Shows How WB-EMS Supercharges Fitness and Weight Loss

Read a study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research about how WB-EMS can promote weight loss.

Study Title: Effects of Whole-Body Electromyostimulation on Resting Metabolic Rate, Body Composition, and Maximum Strength in Postmenopausal Women: the Training and ElectroStimulation Trial

Publication: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Authors: Kemmler W., Schliffka R., Mayhew J.L., von Stengel S.

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This study looked at the impact of a training method called whole-body electro-muscle stimulation (WB-EMS) on postmenopausal women over 14 weeks. They had 30 women participate, and half of them continued their usual exercise routine (control group), while the other half added 20 minutes of WB-EMS training to their routine. The WB-EMS group showed significant reductions in body fat (skinfold thickness and waist circumference), while these measures increased in the control group. Strength improvements in the trunk (abdominal and lower back muscles) and leg muscles were significantly better in the WB-EMS group compared to the control group.

In conclusion, adding WB-EMS training to the exercise routine had positive effects on fitness and body fat levels in postmenopausal women. This suggests that WB-EMS could be a suitable option for elderly individuals who may find it challenging to perform traditional strength exercises, helping them maintain muscle mass and strength.

"Waist circumference significantly decreased in the WB-EMS (group)."

Check out more specific key findings below: 

  • Adding WB-EMS to exercise routines helped keep the metabolism stable over 14 weeks, while the group without WB-EMS saw a drop in metabolism.
  • Women using WB-EMS significantly reduced body fat, with skinfold thickness decreasing significantly and waist size getting smaller. In contrast, the group without WB-EMS saw slight increases in body fat.
  • Women using WB-EMS improved their muscle strength in the trunk and legs, while the others experienced a decline in strength.