Boosting Athletic Performance by 40%: Electrostimulation Therapy Outperforms Water Therapy in Athletes' Recovery

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Study Title: Effects of Electrostimulation Therapy On Recovery From Acute Team-Sport Activity

Publication: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance

Authors: Finberg M, Braham R, Goodman C, Gregory P, Peeling P.

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This study looked at whether a single electrostimulation treatment can help athletes recover from team-sport exercise. They compared the benefits of electrostimulation therapy (EST) with contrast water therapy (CWT) and resting without treatment. Ten male athletes completed a workout and then received either EST, CWT, or no treatment as a recovery method. The next day, their performance was assessed. Blood samples were taken before and after exercise to measure certain substances related to inflammation. The results showed that EST helped athletes sprint faster during the 24-hour recovery period compared to no treatment. There were no significant differences between EST and CWT or between CWT and no treatment. The substances related to inflammation were not affected by any of the treatments. Athletes also reported feeling better recovery with the EST treatment compared to CWT and no treatment. In conclusion, this study suggests that a single EST treatment can help athletes recover, making them feel better and potentially improving their performance the next day.

Check out more specific key findings below: 

  • Improved Performance: One-time electrostimulation therapy (EST) helped athletes perform better 24 hours after exercise compared to simply resting. Sprint times were faster in the EST group compared to those who rested (CON) (P < 0.05).
  • Perceived Recovery: Athletes felt that they had recovered better with EST compared to both resting (CON) and contrast water therapy (CWT) (P < 0.05). However, there were no significant differences in certain blood markers like IL-6 and CRP among the different recovery methods.