EMS Training Helps Increase Squat Jump Performance By 14%

This study investigated the effects of a four-week EMS training program on the leg muscle strength and jumping ability of basketball players.

Study Title: The Effects of Electromyostimulation Training and Basketball Practice on Muscle Strength and Jumping Ability

Publication: International Journal of Sports Medicine, 21 (6) 437-443 (2000)

Authors: Maffiuletti N., Cometti G., Amiridis l.G., Martin A., Pousson M., Chatard J.C.

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This study aimed to find out how a four-week training program using electro muscle stimulation (EMS) affected the leg muscle strength and jumping ability of 10 basketball players. The players participated in these EMS sessions three times a week, each with 48 muscle contractions. They were tested before and after the four-week program, and then again after four more weeks of regular basketball training. After the first four weeks, the players showed significant increases in strength when moving their knees (flexing and extending) at certain speeds. They also got stronger at holding their knees still at certain angles. Their squat jump performance improved by 14%, but their normal jump didn't change. After eight weeks, the strength gains and squat jump improvement were still there, and their normal jump also increased by 17%. In conclusion, this study suggests that using EMS in a short training program can make basketball players' leg muscles stronger and improve their jumping ability.

Check out more specific key findings below:

  • EMS training improved knee extensor strength during three main phases of strength training: the phase when muscles shorten to overcome resistance (concentric phase), the phase when muscles stay still (isometric phase), and the phase when muscles lengthen under load to return to their starting position (eccentric phase).
  • Isokinetic strength training involves moving at a steady speed while adjusting the resistance. For instance, walking on a treadmill. During the study, the isokinetic strength of the basketball players showed big improvements in strength when moving fast both in and out, but not when moving slowly out.
  • The ability to do squat jumps improved by 14%