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Build muscle, optimize physical performance, be more efficient in less time, and stay fit whenever, wherever. Katalyst helps you reach your goals faster and build strength for life by using EMS technology to upgrade your workout fundamentally.

Amplify Every Muscle.

20 minutes. That's all it takes to achieve a power-packed workout of tailored intensity that would normally take 2+ hours in the gym. Katalyst is precisely crafted for your unique form, making every moment count.

TIME Best Invention 2023
Your Time is Now
Unlock your full potential with one of TIME's Best Inventions of 2023. Our innovative electro-muscle stimulation technology adapts to your individual body, goals, and fitness level, revealing your hidden strengths.
A full-body workout in
20 minutes
with zero compromises.
Activate up to
90% of muscle fibers
vs. conventional resistance training.
Precise Muscle Targeting with 36 integrated electrode pads, made to create precise and comprehensive stimulation during your workouts.
Personalized fitness journeys
Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your fitness journey, we're here to help you realize your full potential. Katalyst customizes every session to fit your needs perfectly.
Custom Katalyst Suit to fit you based on the measurements you provide us.
Where efficiency meets results
With targeted muscle stimulation, you'll achieve more in minutes than traditional workouts can deliver in hours. Unlock your maximum potential for unmatched outcomes.
Hands-Free EMS
Full-body EMS training made easy with customizable impulse intensity and precise muscle targeting. An efficient 20-minute workout, where you can activate up to 90% of muscle fibers.
The Katalyst App is your ultimate fitness hub, providing personalized workouts, tracking your achievements, and optimizing your intensity levels.
Compatible with iPhone® and iPad® running iOS 15 or later.
The App
Your fitness command center
Customize your workouts, monitor your progress, and fine-tune intensity levels to match your fitness objectives. Our App effortlessly adjusts to your needs.
Apple AirPlay® Enabled
Easy Pairing With The App
8+ Workouts Per Charge
Download For On-The-Go
Realize Your Strength
From remarkable personal achievements to incredible physical transformations, hear directly from our members about their journey with Katalyst.
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The Future
Custom Fit to You
The next-gen, full-body EMS experience. Whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned athlete, Katalyst promises a level of engagement and results previously unimagined.