Skillnet is the first consultancy specialized exclusively on advising global Fortune 100 TIMES-companies and investors (Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media, E-Business and Service Provider) as well as their subsidiaries and shareholdings. Since its formation in 1995, Skillnet's client base includes more than 150 TIMES-companies.

Skillnet engages in two core activities for TIMES-enterprises and financial institutions: consulting and corporate finance. As part of the “consulting” services division Skillnet offers specialized project support in the areas of management and technology consulting and market intelligence.

Key aspects of Skillnet’s management consulting practice are the development, realization and internationalization of new business strategies and the classical reorganization of structures and processes as well as integration of new cooperation and business units.

The main focus of Skillnet’s technology advisory division lies in strategic and complex IT topics as well as e-business solutions and their demanding requirements in conception and project management. Skillnet assists the customer in all needs as a success-oriented architect and supervisor.

As part of its market intelligence division Skillnet offers not only a wide range of research- and benchmarking-know-how, gathered in consulting and due diligence projects, but also the specific development of market strategies as a base for continuous business strategies of TIMES companies.

Skillnet also provide Due Diligence, M & A and IPO as part of its corporate finance division.

Skillnet offers various TIMES Due Diligence solutions ranging from full service to specific audits based upon its experience from over 300 company evaluations for more than 30 financial investors from sectors like banking, private equity and venture capital. Approximately 100
M&A-mandates for financial and strategic investors have been executed successfully in almost all instances. As “Listing Partner Deutsche Börse” Skillnet offers comprehensive solutions for IPOs.

Skillnet has locations in Philadelphia, Hamburg and Shanghai.